Ekergy provides reliable and plentiful energy storage to the world.

Ekergy Benefits

Through cost effective storage, we can dramatically improve the imbalance of supply vs. demand and remove the direct link between generation and demand that exists today. By making better use of the energy generated today, we can lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the need for continued expansion of utility assets, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy.


Engineered to eliminate costly solar to AC conversion and conversion losses.

Ekergy Energy system is the ultimate solution to dramatically reduce your electric bill and reliance on utilities while lowering your carbon footprint. The Ekergy storage plant incorporates safe and cost effective battery storage and protection electronics that provide greater power with reduced cost and decreased fire risk. The power plant is focused on greatly reducing your electric bill while providing your home back-up resilient power for unexpected power outages.

Efficient direct DC charging with power electronics to run the whole home and reduce utility costs.

The low-cost patented technology ensures easy installation with the minimalist engineering design. Ekergy boast the most efficient direct DC Solar to Battery storage design that eliminates problematic solar AC to storage conversion equipment.