Ekergy Power Plant

Power Performance

AC Voltage @60hz 110v or 220v
Usable Capacity kWh 15.2kWh or 22.7 kWh
Max Continuous Power Output 8kW or 10kWh


Ekergy Direct DC battery Charging
Whole Home 24/7 coverage
110V and 220V units
Outdoor storage in NEMA3a enclosure
Safety Controls for battery SOC
User interface with history and savings charts
Reduce or eliminate high utility costs
Patented high efficiency DC capture
Complete Specifications

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16 kWh & 24kWh Specification

Useable Capacity kWh

16 kWh optional 24 kWh

Power, max continuous Power Output

8 kW

Power, peak (10s, of-grid/backup)

10 kW

Converter Switch Time

<8 ms, ½ cycle

Batteries Voltage

48 VDC nominal

Total Solar Input power / Current

6 kW / 30 A

Total Harmonic Distortion inverter output (THD)

<3% Max <8%

Maximum Supply Current from Grid

20 A

Maximum Output Fault Current to House

45 A

Power Factor Output Range / full-rated power

0.9 PF (load dependent)

Idle Power

50 W

Inverter Efficiency (one Way)


AC Output Voltage & Frequency Regulation

110-120 V +/- 2%  60hz +/- 2%


10 years

Field / Online Upgradeable System software


Battery Types Supported


Revolutionary Power Electronics

Proprietary invention that greatly enhances electricity supply, security and reliability for the homeowner. A safe whole house 24/7 resilient power to ‘ride through’ planned or unplanned power outages.

The intelligent predictive management and efficient solar converter assures maximum benefit of PV power to the home and to the batteries thus reducing or eliminating high daytime energy costs. The Ekergy Power Plant ™ gives you an efficient and worry-free energy conservation solution.  

Energy Storage

Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) design assures batteries are balanced and SOC is protected